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Boulton Spice Company

We are Fraser, D'Arcy and Doug Boulton of the Lower Mainland, B.C.. We moved to Tofino in 2003 to enjoy the outdoor lifestyle that this beautiful community offers. The three of us operate a construction company to make ends meet and the eldest of us is a pilot as well.

Back in the 80's and 90's, Dad hosted infamous annual summer BBQ's for his co-workers and their families, clients, neighbors & old time friends. There were always over a hundred guests and it usually lasted the whole weekend. We've gotta hand it to you Dad, those parties were awesome! Aside from a few salads thrown in for colour, meals were served from a rotisserie, grill or cedar plank and we used our Seasoning on everything. These meals, it turns out, were something that people looked forward to and from that point, Dad knew we had something special to share.

Several years ago, we decided to 'encourage' Dad to share his recipe with us so that we could produce it commercially for the Canadian market. After many years and hundreds of kilos of Dad's gifting, we are now making it available to you!

We truly believe there are flavours in our All Purpose Seasoning that you will use time and time again. We like to say, "It's all you need."

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PO Box 1061 Tofino, BC, V0R 2Z0
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