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A fisherman’s dream lies within British Columbia’s west coast, where the rugged shores of Vancouver Island offer some of the most sought-after fishing experiences in the world. Along this pristine coastline, Ucluelet stands out as a premier destination for anglers seeking adventure in the Pacific Ocean. From thrilling salmon runs to bountiful halibut grounds, Ucluelet’s waters teem with marine life, promising unforgettable fishing expeditions. Whether you’re drawn to the challenge of reeling in a trophy Chinook or bounce your bait off the bottom for cod and halibut in the deep, Ucluelet’s diverse fishing opportunities cater to every angler’s passion. With its breathtaking scenery and abundant fisheries, Ucluelet embodies the essence of West Coast fishing at its finest.

Saltwater Fishing: Ucluelet is renowned for its saltwater fishing, particularly for salmon and halibut. Chinook (King), Coho (Silver), Sockeye, and Pink salmon can be found in these waters, with peak salmon fishing typically occurring from May to September. Halibut fishing is also excellent, with the season extending from March to October. Various charter companies operate in the area, offering guided fishing trips equipped with experienced captains and all necessary gear.

Freshwater Fishing: Ucluelet also offers opportunities for freshwater fishing. Nearby lakes and rivers provide habitats for trout and steelhead. The surrounding forests and pristine waters offer a serene backdrop for anglers seeking a quieter fishing experience.

Popular Fishing Spots: There are plenty of must-visit fishing spots in Ucluelet. Barkley Sound is best known for salmon and halibut, the Broken Group Islands for scenic angling, Florence Cove for accessible salmon fishing, Outside Lighthouse Bank for halibut, Big Bank for offshore salmon, and Little Beach for shore fishing. 

Regulations and Licensing: Anglers should familiarize themselves with British Columbia’s fishing regulations, including licensing requirements, catch limits, and seasonal restrictions. These regulations are in place to ensure sustainable fishing practices and the conservation of fish stocks.

Equipment and Gear: Appropriate gear is essential for fishing in saltwater or freshwater. Heavy-duty rods and reels capable of handling large salmon or halibut are necessary for saltwater fishing. In freshwater, lighter tackle suitable for trout or steelhead is appropriate. Local tackle shops can guide the best equipment for the area and target species.

Weather Considerations: Ucluelet’s coastal location means that weather conditions can change rapidly. It’s essential to check weather forecasts before heading out on the water and to dress appropriately for the conditions. Additionally, rough seas may impact fishing outings, so it’s wise to communicate with charter operators about any concerns.

Local Knowledge: Utilizing the expertise of local guides or experienced anglers can significantly enhance the fishing experience. Local knowledge of fishing hotspots, migration patterns, and techniques can increase the likelihood of a successful outing.


From fishing lodges to day trips, book your next fishing trip with one of Ucluelet’s local fishing charters: 

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