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Winter Storm Watching in Ucluelet, BC

Storm season in Ucluelet is upon us, and we could not be more excited. Ask any Ucluelet local and they can attest to the majesty of a winter storm on BC’s west coast. The energy and sounds of massive waves crashing on the rocky shoreline, winds that make the trees dance, while rains quench the soil and restore shades of green that must be seen to be believed. The energy is palpable while walking on the Wild Pacific Trail and undeniably humbling. These waves bring about a feeling of connection and awe with mother nature. If you have heard the buzz about storm watching in Tofino, wait until you see the massive waves hit the rocky coastline of Ucluelet.

Ucluelet’s soundtrack during the winter months offers the calming rumble of waves connecting with the coastline while being offset by the buoy bell and foghorn. These rhythmic sounds from your cozy accommodation will lull you to sleep by natures sound machine. Things move slowly this time of year and so can you. Winter in Ucluelet means leaning into rest, restoration, quietness, and togetherness. It is the time to pick up a neglected book, cook a meal with those you love or cuddle in and storm watch. Do as much or as little as you feel called to.

If you choose to venture out of your cozy nook, the towering trees on the Wild Pacific Trail offer some refuge on the rainier days and a safe vantage point to watch the winter storms, they huddle over you like natures canopy umbrella. Embracing the elements is always an option for those who wish to feel the mist on their faces and the energy move through ground into your feet as you watch these waves pound the rocky coastline. Or for the seasoned winter surfer, grab your board and catch a swell. On the calmer days, see if you can book a harbour tour in a kayak or boat.

If complete relaxation is what you seek, selfcare with a customized treatment in Drift Spa at the Black Rock Resort or Nurture Day Spa at Water’s Edge Shoreside Suites, will round out your restorative journey.

With a variety of accommodations available, the opportunities for rest and relaxation are endless. Maybe it’s a cottage with a hot tub, or a hotel room with a king size bed and space for your furry companions, start dreaming and choose to be here this Winter. Its your time to treat yourself and Ucluelet has all the tools to do so.





Solo person exploring the beach with a beautiful backdrop of forest and ocean in Ucluelet, BC.

Mike Seehagel

Person exploring the incredible tidepools on the rocky coastline in Ucluelet, BC

Landon Sveinson

Group of friends headed out to catch some winter swell at the famous Long Beach in the Pacific Rim National Park nearby to Ucluelet, BC.

Mike Seehagel

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