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Love It Like A Local

If we want to protect  the things we love about the places we visit, we need to change the way we travel. Happily, this isn’t hard. Luckily, a lot of our loyal visitors have already been doing this for decades. Best of all, it’s easy to remember how: 

Leave no trace

If you enjoy the unspoiled beauty of Ucluelet, that’s because a lot of people have tried hard not to spoil it. Be an unspoiler. Bringing disposable, single-use, wrapping, or packaging? Please don’t. The only thing you should throw away is the idea that there is a place called “away.” Pretend we have no garbage cans. If you see someone else has left a mess, tell yourself you’re cleaning it up for your next visit.

Respect the locals

All of them. For the animals and plants, treat them as kind hosts whose home you’re graciously being allowed to visit. Admire and enjoy them safely, from a distance. Leave the shells and flowers alone: don’t shoplift from mother nature. And for the people who call Ucluelet home, treat them like the friends you hope will always invite you back to their place. If you do, they will.

Book ahead

We all  love the freedom of last-minute plans or no plans at all, but we hate it when we don’t get to do what we want. A small town like Ucluelet fills up quickly, and even when there really isn’t room for more people, it doesn’t ever feel downtown crowded. So if you really want to see Ucluelet in the summer, you’ll need to be less spontaneous: please book ahead.

And if you can’t find just the right place for you and your group on the dates you were hoping for here this summer, remember: there are three other seasons every year. They may have a little less sunshine, but there’s just as much to see and do. Beat the rush: book now!

All we ask is that you treat Ucluelet like what it is: a small, friendly place between ocean and forest. We know why you love it here, and with your help, we can keep it that way. You’ll always be welcome to visit as often as you’d like. That will never change.

For more suggestions on how to love it like a local, meet our very own Salty, the Sea Otter. He’s got a lot to say. See you soon!

Photo by Landon Sveinson

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