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Romancing The Storm in Ucluelet

If you want to get closer to your partner, you need to turn up the cuddle. A sun-soaked beach in February may seem like a great idea, but do you really want to snuggle with someone slathered in SPF 50, sitting on crowded, hot sand? The smarter thing is to find a quiet, secluded, romantic place like Ucluelet. Even when it’s sunny things can get a little chilly, but you can warm things up together by exploring the shops, restaurants and trails or walking along the beach.

The storm and drama of windswept, crashing waves on a rocky shore may be a perfect natural equivalent to the rush of passion that rises within you each time you lock eyes with your beloved. Or it may just be reason enough for you to reach deep inside your heart and say, “You look cold, let’s head back.”

Whether you choose to limit your time in the outdoors to however long it takes to get inside from the car, or you fully embrace the many different ways breathtaking natural beauty can build a stronger bond, you’ll find the shared experience of our wild coast will do wonders for your soul – and your relationship. If it’s raining, don’t be afraid to join those who head out into the storm in their rain gear. Once you shed those wet clothes and slip into something comfortable, the roaring fire, hot drinks and snuggling up afterwards will make it more than worthwhile.

Ucluelet has a perfect balance of storm-tossed natural splendour and creature comforts for all couples looking to get close. In addition to our restaurants and cafes, storm season is a great time to take advantage of the many accommodations with kitchens. There’s nothing like the sight of you unpacking groceries and creating a romantic meal to reassure your partner that they made a good call, romantic-getaway-wise. And remember: toast or popcorn can qualify as romantic – just add candles.

It’s true, some couples stay together without ever going on a romantic stormwatching trip. But many other couples have discovered the lasting value of these shared experiences and the deeper connection it creates in mind, body, and soul. They know you come home looking forward to spending more time together and eagerly anticipating the next trip to Ucluelet. In the summer, say. (Pass the sunblock.)

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