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The West Coast has been waiting for you

Welcome back. Even as the whole world seemed to stop, and we all stayed at home and far apart, nature has carried on: the tides rising and falling, the great whales spouting as they pass by, the otter pups getting swimming lessons. Even as we missed seeing our old friends or greeting new visitors, the rain still came to fill the great and green ancient forests.

And now, as you answer the urge to move, to see, to explore, we want to welcome you. Whether you have a long favourite beach or will be here for the first time, you will not be disappointed. Just as we have cleaned and scrubbed and painted and repaired in getting ready for you, nature in her quiet way has patiently kept her splendour intact and astonishing.

While we take in the beauty of this place, one of the things we all feel through deep instinct is that, when cared for, nature transcends our lifetime: it has been like this for thousands of years and will be here for longer than we can imagine. But we also know that this will only hold if we treat it with respect.

So as we invite you to stay in our home for a while, we ask that you do your part to help us keep this wondrous part of our planet as you find it. Like the people who came before you, please do the few simple things – like packing out what you pack in or cleaning up after yourself or your dog – that show you understand. Even as you leave no sign you were here, we promise — you will never forget you were here.

We also ask that you take good care of yourself: please learn how to be safe on our trails, near the ocean, and in our waters. After all, we’d like to see you back again as often as you can make the trip.

We look forward to seeing you again soon. Come and fill your spirit and feel restored by the beauty and peace and abundance of our wilderness, and know that nature has kept her promise. Let’s keep ours.

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