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Time to Find Your Wild

What’s your idea of wild? Is it the nearby park where you know every trail by heart but are still grateful for having nature so close at hand? Or is it unimaginably remote: the fjord of an uninhabited arctic island or a thick and unmapped jungle?

Some wild places are every day; others are once in a lifetime. To be honest, we’re kind of in the middle. Hardly at the ends of the earth, yet even the drive here is an adventure on its own—across Island mountain ranges, beside lakes and rivers, and through old-growth forests. When you get to Ucluelet, you will know you have reached the wild.

To your back, the hushed and ancient rainforests rise to cloud-topped hills. On the shore, past thundering waves, you soon realize there’s not much but whitecaps and marine wildlife between you and Japan. 

Ucluelet is here to feed your soul and body with delicious meals, comfy pillows and cozy beds. And as much as we all enjoy facing nature head-on, that doesn’t mean we have to leave the local galleries or shops empty-handed.

There is a time for crowds when the energy of lots of people wakes you up like a double espresso—when it’s fun to be going where everyone else is going. We call this time “summer.” But when crowds have fled, and the roads have cleared, the odds are much greater that you will find yourself in solitude on a beach or a trail. We call this time “now.”

If you’re a strictly-summertime visitor, now is the time to experience another thing that makes Ucluelet authentically wild: the weather. As we like to say, ‘We can get four seasons in one day!’ Blue sky for days are nice, but our fall and winter weather is a cliffhanger: no one knows what will happen next, and you can’t wait to find out. 

So whether wild means familiar or forbidding, you’ll find your very own wild whenever you make time to visit us. And in this season where the crowds go quieter, the weather gets louder; there’s never been a better time. Your craving for nature will be fed in countless ways—every time you return.

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