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Ucluelet Itinerary – Extended Weekender 2-4 Days

A three- or four-day stay gives you a perfect chance to sleep and dream. After a day of hikes, walks and exploring, wake to the sounds of the coastal rainforest at dawn. A few days of this will bring you back to life, and you won’t soon forget them.

Day 1 Itinerary:

  1. Walk the Wild Pacific Trail’s Lighthouse Loop (1 hour round trip.) Enjoy some fantastic ocean views, a rainforest walk and arrive at the historic 100+ year-old Amphitrite Point Lighthouse along the way.
  2. Stop for lunch at one of our amazing food trucks.
  3. Kayak the inner harbor and take in the sights and sounds of nature all around from the water. Ucluelet is one of the top ten kayaking destinations in the world!

Day 2 Itinerary:

  1. Walk the full Wild Pacific Trail from Brown’s Beach parking lot all the way to the Ancient Cedars Loop (see some trees over 800 years old!) and a truly breathtaking walk along the ocean. Be sure to sit on Oyster Jim’s (the founder and builder of the Wild Pacific Trail) deck and the main deck perch about halfway—just sit and watch the ocean for a while!
  2. Fuel up with lunch from one of our amazing local restaurants.
  3. Time to hit the waves! Stop by Relic Surf Shop/Long Beach Surf Shop or Wick’d Surf Shop to get set up with gear and a lesson. Just a short drive down the road from Ucluelet are some of Canada’s longest beaches that you can surf year-round. People come from all over the world to catch a wave in what is considered one of Canada’s top surf destinations! The most accessible surf beaches from Ucluelet are Wickaninnish Beach and Long Beach in the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve. Before you go, stop by the Visitor’s Centre (at the Junction) to purchase your park pass (Pacific Rim National Park Reserve.)

Day 3 Itinerary: 

  1. Stop in at a great local breakfast spot for a nourishing meal before you hit the road.
  2. Heading out of town, stop to take in the incredible Rainforest Trail loops in the Pacific Rim National Park. There are 2 loops, one on each side of the road, Shoreline Bog Trail and Rainforest Trail (1km each). See which one you like the best (spoiler; both are amazing!)
  3. Next stop- Long Beach in the Pacific Rim National Park! This is a popular destination to take in a scenic walk or to catch some waves.
  4. Seeing as your already halfway there, go to Tofino for the rest of the day! You need to stand on iconic Chesterman Beach (rated one of the top 50 beaches in the world) and pop into some of their world-class, top-rated restaurants for a bite to eat. Soak in the vibe and culture of Canada’s #1 Surf Town.
  5. In Tofino and feeling extra adventurous? Why not book a boat to Hot Springs Cove! Reach out to Long Beach Nature Tours,  Jamie’s Whaling StationThe Whale Centre or Westcoast Aquatic Safaris to plan your trip.
  6. Wrapping up your day in Tofino and heading back to Ucluelet, stop by Long beach to catch the sunset. You will never see colors like this!

Day 4 Itinerary:

  1. Start your day with a Whale, Bear & Wildlife Tour. Get ready for an experience of a lifetime! Local whale & wildlife tour operators provide a fantastic opportunity for you to experience the breathtaking beauty of coastal British Columbia and the majestic whales and wildlife in their natural environment. March to October is peak season for tours.
  2. After a refreshing day out on the water, time to fuel up! The brewery is a great spot to take in the view of the harbour, while sipping some locally made ales.
  3. Before heading home for the day, pop into the Ucluelet Collect & Release Eco Aquarium (seasonal: open from March to end of November). The entire family always loves to see what lives in our intertidal zones including an octopus, don’t forget the interactive touch tanks!
  4. Make sure you stock up on some souvenirs from Reflecting Spirits Gallery. With a huge selection of local artwork, you will be sure to find something memorable to take home with you.

Make sure you make time to stop (on the way in or out of town) to go Ziplining! Soar through the old-growth rainforests, spot the waterfalls along the way and feel the roar as you glide down the Kennedy River Canyon along Highway 4. The cultural guided tour as you move from line to line, is not to be missed! Start or end your vacation by stopping at Westcoast Wild Ziplining.  

Thinking of staying for the entire week? Co-op and Harborview Drugstore have all the necessities to extend your trip in comfort! Click the next tab (5 days +) to find out what else you can do while you are here!

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