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Highway 4 Kennedy Hill Upgrades

If you’re planning on driving to Ucluelet, Pacific Rim National Park Reserve or Tofino soon, please read this message.

Highway Status: OPEN

The BC Ministry of Transportation is currently conducting a significant upgrade to Highway 4 near Kennedy Lake. Expect delays due to single lane alternating traffic and road closures.


Current Travel Advisories For Kennedy Hill Safety Improvements

Official Ministry Of Transportation Safety Improvement Site


Quick Facts

How long is the project expected to last?

Construction is expected to continue into the spring of 2021.

Why is the road work taking place?

Wider shoulders will improve safety for all users of the highway, including vehicles, cyclists and pedestrians.

Where is the road work taking place?

The project is located adjacent to Kennedy Lake approximately 14 kilometers northeast of the Tofino/Ucluelet Hwy 4 junction. The project starts at the bottom/south end of Kennedy Hill at the TR19 Creek culvert and continues up the hill towards Port Alberni for a distance of approximately 1.5 kilometers.

How should we plan our trip to the West Coast?

Travelers should plan for the trip between Port Alberni to the Tofino/Ucluelet junction to take 2 hours during the day.

What are the expected delays?

  • 30-minute travel delays due to single-lane alternating traffic at the construction site are expected each day.
  • It is advised that all travellers along Highway 4 plan to complete their journeys before 9:00 am or aim to arrive after 1:00 pm to avoid daytime road closures.

What should I have in the car on our journey to the West Coast?

Visitors are encouraged to prepare for travel delays by ensuring that they have enough fuel, water and food prior to leaving Port Alberni.

Will I have cell service?

Cell phone coverage is typically unavailable along most of Highway 4 between Port Alberni and the Tofino/Ucluelet junction.

Are there washrooms along the way?

Washroom facilities along Highway 4 are also intermittent. Taylor Arm pullout and Kennedy River pullout.

What happens in the case of an emergency?

  • Emergency vehicles will be prioritized to pass through the Highway 4 construction site with minimal delay via advanced notice given directly to the site from dispatchers.
  • Alternative modes of transportation (commercial airlines, floatplane charters etc.) can be presented.

What time should we be leaving Port Alberni?

Travel by car from Port Alberni to the construction site takes roughly 1 hour. Visitors should leave ample time to arrive at the site during scheduled opening times. Also, visitors should prepare for travel delays by ensuring that they have enough fuel, water and food.

Project Benefits

Where can I find up-to-date information and the status of the highway?

Visitors are encouraged to check current road conditions and travel delay information before setting out on the drive between Port Alberni and the West Coast (126 kilometers/78 miles along Highway 4) so that they can plan their travel accordingly. Current information can be found at two British Columbia Ministry of Transportation’s websites:

Facebook: www.facebook.com/TourismUcluelet

Twitter: @Tourism Ucluelet www.twitter.com/TourismUcluelet

Please Note

Tourism Ucluelet, Tourism Tofino, Pacific Rim National Park Reserve and the area governments will communicate through official landing pages such as this, and this page will contain links to current information and recommended travel timing. Regular updates will be posted on our social media channels, principally Twitter and Facebook.

Do not hesitate to contact our Visitor Centre by phone or email if you have any questions: Phone: (250) 726-4600 and [email protected].

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