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Make a Plan

Whether it’s for a weekend or longer, experience the sense of place and the people that make Ucluelet what it is—a wildly rustic village full of charm and interesting characters on the edge of the West Coast’s west coast.

Ucluelet’s coastal climate and beautiful temperate rainforest is the perfect year-round destination; never too hot or too cold. With one of the mildest winters in Canada, where snow is a rare occurrence, parkas are not required but expect to experience all other seasons in a day and pack accordingly! You can get anything from full sun to dramatic misty morning fog to breathtaking rainstorms, sometimes in the space of an hour.

When to Visit

With clean ocean air, breathtaking oceanside walks, temperate rain forests, stunning sunsets, and dramatic storm watching, Ucluelet is nature at its most powerful. All year long, visitors can comfortably enjoy the Wild Pacific Trail and spectacular Long Beach within the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve. While it’s always a good time to visit, to help you decide based on what you like to do, here’s a bit of an overview of the seasons.

Love The West Coast

We want you to have the best holiday; after all, everyone deserves to relax and reconnect with themselves and their loved ones. At the risk of sounding like party-poopers, if you want to experience nature and living like a local while in Ucluelet, this is how we do it:

While we expect beautiful bluebird days, we often experience three seasons in one day; therefore, make sure you pack layers and a water/windproof jacket. Dress for the season, but prepare for anything.

We also share our home with some pretty incredible wildlife, and we want the wildlife to stay wild. Wolves and cougars are very elusive, and that’s how we like them. So, if you happen to see a bear on the side of the road, please don’t stop; blow your horn instead. It helps keep them afraid of cars and out of neighbourhoods. As enticing as it is to see a bear up close, keep your distance and book a wildlife tour. Most importantly, when you’re exploring the West Coast, pack out all of your waste; fed wildlife is dead wildlife. The more human food and waste wildlife eat, the less wild it becomes, and then Conservation Officers get called in because of nuisance wildlife. No one wants that.

Leash your furry friends; it’s for their safety and everyone’s enjoyment. Your pooch may be super friendly, but others may not be. And believe it or not, some people don’t like dogs. We have designated areas in Ucluelet where you can let your dog run off-leash; the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve is not one of them.

Before an activity like surfing or walking the trails, read the signs! The ocean may look calm, but riptides and places to stay safe are key. If you’ve never surfed before, take a lesson and if you want to play in the ocean, rent a wetsuit. Also, follow the surfer instructor’s lessons; they are in safe waters. The waters in this part of the Pacific Ocean usually don’t get above 15 degrees Celsius in the summer. A wetsuit will keep you warm and enjoy the ocean a lot longer. If you need a wetsuit, you can rent or buy one in one of our local surf shops.

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Photo by Elizabeth Epp

Photo by Landon Sveinson

Coast Safety

Near the water

  • Read the signs – literally!
  • Take time and observe the conditions closely before you step out onto the shoreline
  • Check the daily tidal information
  • Keep an eye on the incoming waves and stay alert
  • Stay in arm’s reach of your children when near the water
  • Stay off drift logs if the tide or swell is high

In the water

  • The Pacific Ocean is cold! Stay warmer with a wetsuit
  • Learn surf etiquette and how to navigate the surf zone
  • Stay in shallow water, unless you are trained and suited
  • Be alert to the effects of cold water
  • Know how to avoid a rip current, and how to escape one if caught

To find out more about enjoying the west coast safely, go to

What to Pack

When you come to Ucluelet, you’ll notice we love our activewear. There’s a reason for it—we want to be prepared for anything nature throws our way. It also means we’re ready for any activity that strikes our fancy, from hiking and biking to ziplining or strolling the beach. Packing the proper clothing for the season can make your vacation that much better. Chances are it’s going to rain at some point, so be prepared to layer up and down no matter what season it is. Here are some tips to make sure you’re ready for a good time.

Spring and fall aren’t like winter, there’s less rain, and the days can be warm and sunny. However, make sure you’re ready for whatever the day’s adventures throw at you. We can often get three seasons in one day! From full sun to dramatic misty morning fog, then maybe some rain, weather changes are typical.

Things to pack for spring and fall:

  • Long-sleeved shirts
  • Pants
  • Sweaters
  • Rain jacket or shell jacket
  • Polar fleece liner/vest
  • Warm hat/toque
  • Gloves or mittens
  • Good walking or hiking shoes/boots
  • Waterproof boots
  • Sunglasses
  • Charging cords

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