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Storm Watching

Nothing is more exhilarating than watching the raw power of mother nature unfold during a winter storm along the Wild Pacific Trail! Storm Watching is a major highlight of the year and the perfect time to cozy up by the fire and enjoy a nice glass of wine after experiencing one of the 10-15 mega storms that batter the West Coast each Winter season.

The best time to experience storms are November to March. Remember to bring your ‘west coast tuxedo’ (aka rain gear)…and pack for all seasons (we can get rain, clouds and sun all in one glorious day!). This time of year is also an excellent time to travel as rates for accommodations are at their yearly low.

Whether you’d prefer to sit back in your arm chair and listen to the winds just outside your door as you await the first drops of rain, or perhaps you’d rather be a part of the action, suited in your finest rain-gear and headed to the trail to get close-up… Ucluelet is the perfect spot for Storm-watching on the West Coast.

You really have to give these storms the reverence they deserve to be able to pick up on all of the spectacular nuances held within the grander whirlwind. The best way to do that it to get outside and feel what’s happening. Don’t worry, the fire place or jetted tub will warm you up afterwards!

To enjoy the experience to the max, you will want to have your feet equipped with rubber boots, and your body and head covered with water and wind-proof material (Gortex is always in vogue in Ucluelet!). Remember for safety umbrellas are not suitable during high wind storms.

As well in the cozy cafés, interesting art galleries and quirky shops, you will find smiling faces and warm welcomes even during the heaviest downpour. The hospitality of this town will not let you down (we love rain!). Everywhere you go you will find a taste of local flavour that will warm you up from head to toe. So if you need to get dry, or even if getting wet is not your thing, there are lots of choices of rainy day activities for you to discover.

Sometimes Mother Nature can throw us for a loop by shining her unseasonably warm light on us in the dead of Storm Watching season, making Ucluelet a perfectly temperate escape from the sub-zero temperatures of the rest of the country. Come for a storm, but get sun (never a bad deal!). Come unplug and reconnect in the majestic solitude of the west coast during Storm Watching season.

Storm watching at Big Beach in Ucluelet

Barbara Schramm picture of a storm in Ucluelet taken from the Wild Pacific Trail

Amazingly huge wave crashing on the shores of Ucluelet

Another great picture of the huge waves you can expect when visiting Ucluelet during storm watching season



Photo Credits:
Featured Image by Barbara Schramm
Secondary images by George Fifield, Mark Penny, Brent Hohlweg

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