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At the north-western corner of the wild, untamed Pacific Ocean, a laid back and rustic community of around 2,000 inhabitants welcomes adventure lovers into its snug embrace; a relaxed shelter from the raucous winds and roaring waves that plague its shoreline.

Nature is queen here – virtually untouched by modern tourism. The sheer power of the ocean in Ucluelet (pronounced Yoo-Kloo-Let) inspires kayakers, boaters, surfers, wildlife fanatics and even an up-and-coming faction of ‘storm-watchers’ to come and uncover their own secret hideaways on the tempestuous and ever-changing landscapes of Canada’s West Coast.

Visitors can spend rainy, windswept days hiking the Wild Pacific Trail, along 9km of undulating coastline and jagged rock faces, with a sprinkling of viewpoints in order to soak in all of the unparalleled splendour of the panoramic ocean vistas.

Between March and April, the town witnesses the annual return of the world’s biggest whale migration, as hoards of humpbacks, grey whales and orcas venture north for the summer. The unique ‘catch-and-release’ aquarium sees guests up close and personal with a variety of fascinating marine life such as starfish, octopus and jellyfish, which are then released back into the ocean at the end of the season.

#1 Wild Pacific Trail

Wild Pacific Trail by Barbara Schramm

The Wild Pacific Trail’s Lighthouse Loop (Takes about 45mins to 1hr and you get some fantastic ocean views as well as the Rain Forest and see the 100+ year old Amphitrite Point Lighthouse).

#2 Ucluelet Aquarium

Ucluelet Catch and Release Aquarium

Visit the Ucluelet Catch & Release Eco Aquarium (seasonal open from March to end of November). See the octopus and the whole family always love the fantastic interactive touch tanks!

#3 Amphitrite Point Lighthouse

One of the most photographed lighthouses on the West Coast of Canada! The Lighthouse was actually even the default background for the Windows 7 Operating System installed on over 400 million computers. From the 100+ year-old historic Lighthouse, one can view the Pacific Ocean wild waves, stunning sunsets, and even catch a glimpse of the spray from whales on the horizon or maybe witness bald eagles in all their soaring glory. All from this one spot on the edge of the West Coast.

#4 Long Beach

Aerial view of Long Beach in the Pacific Rim National Park one of the top five things to do in Ucluelet

Long Beach is the wonderfully accessible beach that spans the middle of Pacific Rim National Park for several kilometres. It’s the longest stretch of surf swept sand on west coast of Vancouver Island. In fact, if you include Florencia Bay, Wickaninnish Beach, Combers Beach and Schooner Cove with Long Beach, then it is the longest sand dune on Vancouver Island!

#5 Broken Group Islands

Broken Group Islands aerial picture taken from a plane

Click here to see tons of amazing images of this special place

Bonus: Tofino

Aerial Picture of Tofino British Columbia

You can’t come all the way to the West Coast and not visit our fantastic neighbors just 30 – 40 mins down the road from Ucluelet. Visit Tourism Tofino.

Photos donated by local photographers: Wild Pacific Trail Image by Barbara Schramm

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