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When to Visit

Ucluelet is a year round destination. Our oceanic climate is never too hot and never too cold. In fact, Ucluelet has one of the mildest winters in Canada. Snow is a very rare phenomenon! All year long, visitors can experience the Wild Pacific Trail, Long Beach and The Pacific Rim National Park Reserve.


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Storm Watching

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April to June


This is one of natures’ most splendid times of year. Sunnier days bring a warmer coastal climate and one of the best places to shake off the winter blues. Visitors return to escape the bustle of the city and reconnect with nature (while others are often still in the middle of Winter!). Life on the West Coast begins to awaken; herring spawn, gray whales grace our coastline, bears come out of winter hibernation, baby eagles take their first flight, trees bud, and flowers begin to blossom. Spring time has arrived in paradise. Click here to see what’s happening.

June to September


The Summer months are beautiful on the West Coast. Ucluelet welcomes visitors from all around the world; yet it keeps its laid-back vibe and never feels too crowded. The coastal climate is sought out by people searching for milder summer temperatures. The beaches and ocean make for great family adventures or romantic strolls along the coast. Summer is family time; visitors experience the Pacific Rim National Park Reserve in its full glory, the Wild Pacific Trail delights with spectacular vistas and Ucluelet is alive with people enjoying their holidays. There are so many eco-adventures awaiting; wildlife tours, kayaking, surfing, paddle boarding, scenic flights, ziplining, fishing charters, sunset cruises, or just sitting on the beach watching the world go by. Ucluelet is a wonderful place for families to come unplug and reconnect. Click here to see what’s happening.

September to November


For those looking for a quiet Vancouver Island getaway with the benefit of post-summer season savings, the mild weather of Ucluelet in the fall is absolute perfection. Some would say that autumn is the best time to visit Ucluelet as the days are still long and sunny. In fact, September has gone on record as being the warmest month in the area. Since the weather on average remains quite nice throughout the fall, people are apt to take long walks on the Wild Pacific Trail, go on sight-seeing tours and soak in the beauty of the wild West Coast of Vancouver Island in a calm and serene manner. Click here to see what’s happening.

November to March


Storm Watching is a major highlight of the year and the perfect time to cozy up by the fire and enjoy a nice glass of wine after experiencing one of the 10-15 mega-storms that batter the West Coast each Winter season. Nothing is more exhilarating than watching the raw power of mother nature unfold during a winter storm safely, the experience may include swells and waves that are mesmerizing, but don’t stand too close (do not stand on rocks) along the Wild Pacific Trail. Bring your ‘west coast tuxedo’ (aka rain gear)…and pack for all seasons (we can get rain, clouds and sun all in one glorious day!). This time of year is also an excellent time to travel as rates for accommodations are at their yearly low. Come to unplug and reconnect in the majestic solitude of the west coast. Click here to see what’s happening.

Photo Credits:
Featured Image by Brian Congdon
Spring – Deer photo by Tourism Ucluelet
Summer – Children photo by Jennifer Rhodes
Fall – Bear photo by Mike Seehagel
Storm Watching – Water photo by Barbara Schramm

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